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Item Number UOM Qty MSRP Price
17801268 Each $7,141.43 $7,141.43
LS6 2004 Corvette Z06 Gen III V-8
What's Hot? Corvette performance High-lift cam 405 horsepower Corvette Z06 performance straight out of the crate! The LS1 was a milestone in efficiency, performance, and power. Then, the GM engineers outdid themselves by taking the LS1 to the next level with a bigger cam, intake, and more compression. We call this amazing 350 cubic inch small-block the LS6, and you'll see the LS6 as standard equipment in the amazing C5 Corvette Z06 and Cadillac CTS-V. Together with the sophisticated engineering from GM, these two cars utilize the LS6 small-block to dominate their class. The 5.7L LS6 builds on the inherent strengths of the LS1 engine, but benefits from a higher-lift camshaft and higher-compression pistons to raise horsepower from 350 to 405, and torque from 340 lb.-ft. to 400 lb.-ft. Such tremendous power is produced through the use of hollow-stem valves, a more aggressive camshaft, an improved intake, and higher-rate valve springs. GM Performance Parts delivers the LS6 as an all-inclusive assembly, complete with CTS-V aluminum oil pan, larger-volume composite intake manifold with single-bore throttle body, and high-performance log-style exhaust manifolds. The LS6 has helped to take the C5 Z06 Corvette and the Cadillac CTS-V to new levels of performance. Let the same General Motors engineering, testing, and horsepower take you to a higher level of performance.
Item Number UOM Qty MSRP Price
17802397 Each $17,495.00 $17,495.00
LS7 2006 Corvette Z06
What's Hot? CNC-ported heads Titanium guts Badness in a box Seven liters of pure trouble maker! The king of all Corvettes is the amazing 2008 Z06. It tops out at 198 mph, runs the quarter mile in 11.5 seconds at 127 mph, and hits 60 mph in a jaw-dropping 3.5 seconds (in first gear). All of that performance is the result of superior GM engineering and an engine we call the LS7 the most technologically-advanced production GM small-block ever built. A natural continuation of the LS Family, the LS7 uses a 7.0L aluminum 6-bolt main block, CNC-ported cylinder heads, and titanium rods and valves to pump out 505 hp and 470 lb.-ft. of torque. Talk about efficient the LS7 helps the 2008 Z06 get over 28 mpg while still being the fastest Corvette ever produced! Is this the Chevy small-block in its highest form? Only you can decide, and GM Performance Parts has made it that much easier by offering the already legendary LS7 as a complete crate engine, ready to bolt into your favorite project car. And don't forget your ECU and Wiring Harness Kit!
Item Number UOM Qty MSRP Price
19165628 Each $4,382.86 $4,382.86
What's Hot? Performance camshaft Grafal-coated pistons Great fuel mileage A souped up 5.3 that is ready and willing to deliver Continuing the tradition of great small-block V-8 engines, the 5.3L LS engine has been one of the most popular we've ever built. It's been installed in millions of GM-built pickups, work trucks, vans, and SUVs. But, leave it to the GM Performance Parts engineers to go one step further and upgrade the 5.3L LS. The result is a High Output 5.3 that is just as capable serving as a workhorse it's just a little bit more fun. We started with the base engine the tough, proven, and dependable 5.3L engine. It's the same long-lived production engine that you'll find in our award winning full-sized truck and SUV line. The stock 5.3 offers a dependable 295 horse-power and 325 lb.-ft. of torque from the 96mm bore by 92mm stroke engine design. What makes our LS327/327 crate engine so special is that our engineers added a GM Performance Parts performance cam and Grafal-coated pistons. With these simple upgrades, the LS327/327 kicks out 327 horsepower and 347 lb.-ft. of torque. And, just like the stock 5.3, the LS327/327 is capable of thousands of miles of dependable service while returning outstanding fuel mileage, thanks to the superior design of the LS Family of engines. Try the LS327/327 crate engine by GM Performance Parts. Your truck will thank you!
Item Number UOM Qty MSRP Price
19213229 Each $8,928.57 $8,928.57
LS376/480 EFI LS3 Gen IV V-8
What's Hot? Hot cam Big EFI power 24-month GMPP warranty LS3 + Hot Cam = Loads of Fun The hot new small-block V-8 in the GM lineup is the hyper-aggressive LS3. It offers a high-revving 376-cid combination that represents generations of small-block V-8 development and engineering. Not only is the LS3 an amazing engine in its stock configuration, but with those high-flowing rectangular port cylinder heads, the LS3 is loaded with potential. To tap into this, the engineers at GM Performance Parts offer you the LS376/480 an LS3 with an upgraded camshaft that ups power by a whopping 50 horsepower! The LS376/480 comes with the same great features as the LS3 crate engine. The bottom end includes a 6-bolt aluminum block, nodular crank, high performance rods, and 10.7:1 pistons. The heads are high-flowing rectangular-port L92 units that have been upgraded with high-revving, hollow-stem valves. The same EFI intake manifold feeds the hungry engine, while 1.7:1 roller rockers work with the upgraded camshaft. The GM Performance Parts engineers picked the LS Hot Cam (P/N 88958733) to take the LS3 to the next level. This cam specs out with .525" intake and exhaust valve lift. Duration (@ .050") is 219? intake and 228? exhaust, which allows for a dramatic increase in power. The engine will idle and cruise just like an LS3, but the power increase is there whenever you need it. And don't forget your ECU and Wiring Harness Kit!
Item Number UOM Qty MSRP Price
19171225 Each $10,000.00 $10,000.00
LS376/515 Carbureted LS3 Gen IV V-8
What's Hot? Bigger Cam! Carbed intake 24-month GMPP warranty The LS3 gets a big cam and carbureted intake manifold for an additional 85 horsepower! You know that the LS3 is the hot new small-block V-8 in the GM arsenal, but you still want more. We proudly offer you the LS376/515, an upgraded LS3 that is equipped with an aggressive camshaft and GM Performance Part's exclusive carbureted intake manifold. Two simple upgrades that add up to 515 horsepower an 85 horsepower bump over the stock LS3. The LS3 comes fully equipped with components that only a few years ago would have been the exclusive property of race engines. The block is a rock-solid 6-bolt foundation that holds together the 4.06" bore by 3.62" stroke rotating assembly. The LS3 heads are high-flowing rectangular port aluminum castings. What separates the LS376/515 from the base LS3 is the addition of a GM Performance Parts high performance camshaft and a carbureted intake manifold. To match the high flow rate of the LS3 cylinder heads, our GM Performance Parts engineers installed the 'ASA Hot Cam' (P/N 12480110). This is a hydraulic roller camshaft that offers up .525" intake and exhaust valve lift numbers and duration @ .050" of 226? intake and 236? exhaust. The GM Performance Part engineers coupled that aggressive camshaft and high flowing cylinder head design with our new carbureted intake manifold specific for the L92/LS3 cylinder heads (P/N 25534401). The manifold offers a dramatic increase in horsepower and a simplified installation. And don't forget your LSX Ignition Module!
Item Number UOM Qty MSRP Price
19211709 Each $8,248.57 $8,248.57
LS3 2008 Corvette Gen IV V-8
What's Hot? 430 horse 376 cubes 24-month GMPP warranty The hottest new small-block now available in a box Starting with the '08 Corvette, the world was first introduced to GM's latest small-block V-8 creation the 6.2L LS3. A continuation of the industry leading V-8 engines from GM, the LS3 kicks out 430 horsepower and 424 lb.-ft. of torque. (In the Corvette, those numbers go to 436 hp and 428 lb.-ft. of torque with the optional dual mode exhaust system.) The LS series of engines has broken new ground for efficiency and performance from a pushrod platform engine. The LS3 continues the engineering breakthroughs with revised cylinder heads featuring rectangle ports borrowed from the L92. The heads feature 63cc combustion chambers, 2.16" hollow-stem intake valves (reminiscent of the LS6), and 1.59" exhaust valves. The camshaft features an aggressive .551" of lift on the intake side with less overlap (than the LS2) for even greater airflow and power. Rocker arms with a 1.7:1 ratio sit on top of the heads. In the bottom end, the aluminum 6-bolts/main block features 4.06" bores and 3.62" stroke. A nodular iron crankshaft, powdered-metal rods, and aluminum pistons (10.7:1 compression ratio) round out a rev-happy short block. Red line for the LS3 comes at 6600 rpm, and you will get there very quickly. With a high-tech GM foundation, aluminum block, and high flowing rectangular-port heads, the LS3 is the new standard in the small-block world. The LS3 helps power the new Corvette to a top speed of 190 mph. What will it power you to? And don't forget your ECU and Wiring Harness Kit!
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