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The first Buick automobile was said to be produced around 1900, though the company didn't get as concrete of a start until 1903 when they shifted gears. The company moved to Flint, Michigan during this time and began producing some of the most popular vehicles of the time. By the time the 20s rolled around, Buick had made a name for themselves and had surpassed both Cadillac and Ford as far as numbers. Vehicles of various sizes were produced throughout the decades, ranging from the Roadmaster Skylark to the Lucerne. All of the vehicles in the Buick lineup were known for dependability and style. During the 80s, the brand changed a lot of the body styles of their models and condensed the size of the vehicles produced. Transformations also took place during the 2010s. Buicks might look different than they did back in the day, but they are still popular vehicles and receiving awards for their quality. If you drive a Buick, be sure to use OEM pats and accessories on it when you're wanting to upgrade your vehicle or make repairs. We sell OEM Buick components here at Genuine GM.