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The Cadillac Car Company was founded in 1902 after one of Henry Ford's companies failed. Henry Leland, a machinist, had an idea of taking a Ford frame and combining it with a single-cylinder engine. From this, Cadillacs were produced. The company was eventually bought by GM in 1909 and became one of the luxury divisions of the auto brand. Cadillac produced the world's first electric self-starter three years later and the V8 engine was installed on all models in the lineup. The brand continued to produce innovations in the industry, including being the first to introduce power steering. They also had automatic windshield wipers installed as standard features across all models. There have been many iconic models produced in the Cadillac lineup throughout the years, ranging from the Escalade to the CTS. All of them have been known for delivering luxury and style to drivers. When you own a Cadillac, you know the importance of using high quality parts and accessories on your vehicle. Only OEM components are going to deliver the quality you need for your luxury vehicle. Find them here at Genuine GM!