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Founded under General Motors in 1911, the Chevrolet division of vehicles, also known as Chevy, has been one of the top players in the automotive industry. After the launch in 1911, the brand produced the Series 490, which helped establish their success. In 1916, the company built their first lightweight truck. The production of this vehicle contributed towards changes in the automobile industry. The company unveiled one of the most iconic cars in the lineup during the 50s, which was the Corvette. The brand became known for producing a variety of vehicles that all delivered on quality. The styles of their iconic vehicles might have changed throughout the years, but what hasn't changed is their durability and core values as a brand.  From cars like the Silverado to the Malibu, the division has developed a range of options for drivers to choose from. It's important that if you own a Chevy, you're making replacements to old parts with high quality OEM components. Only OEM parts are going to give you a quality guarantee and fit your model. Find what you need right here at Genuine GM!