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The Rapid Motor Vehicle Company was founded in 1902, which was the start of the GMC brand. The company was responsible for producing some of the earliest commercial trucks in history. The production of these vehicles caught the attention of William C. Durant, who was the founder of GM. GM decided to purchase the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company in 1909 because they were so impressed by what they were producing. Two years later, the General Motors Truck Company was established. Eventually, the name was changed to the General Motors Corporation, or GMC. One of the biggest years for the company was 1913 because they built their first mass-produced truck. The company continued to see success throughout the years. The trucks and SUVS produced by the division have been known for their attractive features and dependability on the roads. When you drive a GMC vehicle, you want to be sure that the parts and accessories you purchase are high quality. This is why you should invest in OEM parts for your vehicle. We have a great selection here at Genuine GM, so shop below!