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In 1926, General Motors established the Pontiac division of vehicles. The 6-cylinder Chief model was unveiled a year later, which became a high-selling vehicle instantly. 75,000 units were sold in the first year alone. The next year, the Chief had established itself as one of the top-six selling vehicles in the United States. Pontiac stuck with what it knew for years to come and produced a range of cars that were similar in style. It wasn't until '55 that Pontiac decided to revamp some of their body styles. A range of things happened throughout the next couple of years. Fuel-injected engines were introduced, V8 overhead engines were installed, and the iconic arrowhead emblem was designed by '59. The Tempest was introduced by the brand and named Motor Trend's Car of the year twice. The brand established themselves and maintained a reputation for producing high-performance vehicles. Though Pontiacs are no longer being made, the brand definitely made an influence on the industry. It's important that you purchase high quality OEM parts and accessories for your Pontiac so it will last a long time. You can find them here at Genuine GM.