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Alex C. Mair got the idea in June of 1982 to found Saturn as a small car company. A little over a year after his idea struck him, the brand was officially created. Only two years after inception, GM decided to buy the company, and they introduced the world to the Saturn SC and SL. Saturn released new and unique car models throughout the 90s, branding themselves as a "new kind of car company." The S-Series was widely popular throughout the United States during this time. They produced the first electric car for GM, with ideas expanding constantly from there. Though they had many ideas and a run of popularity, the sales began to decline, and in 2010, Saturn production was stopped by GM. The Saturn legacy still lives on for producing some of the best and more unique compact cars during the time they were established. If you drive a Saturn model, you want to be sure that you use only the best parts and accessories on it. Choose to buy OEM parts for your model so that they will fit perfectly! Find them here at Genuine GM.